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Developing innovative catalytic solutions

About Us

PolyCatUK is an Oxfordshire based SME that has developed an economic, scalable, and novel process to produce metal nanoparticle catalysts on polymer substrates. This innovative process allows for the creation of flexible, efficient, metallic catalysts that do not require the stabilising agents which can restrict their use. This has led to the development of catalytic solutions for a range of applications, from fruit preservation to improving air quality.


Our Technology

The PolyCatUK technology is based on the formation and total immobilisation

of catalytic nanoparticles on polymeric substrates. Most particularly on microporous materials, which provide the benefit of high surface area ~100m2 /gm. This has so far been demonstrated with a number of metals on a variety of substrates. We have also recently been able to coat powder form polymers with catalytic material.

PolyCatUK’s innovative technology allows for the low cost production of highly efficient nanoparticle catalysts. This is achieved by immobilising nanoparticles in a structure that maximises the surface area of the particles and thus the catalytic activity. This process is low cost and very scalable.


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