Frequently Asked Questions

How do silver nanoparticles work?

Silver nanoparticles are known to be highly antiviral and have proven activity against a range of infectious agents. There is a lot of information on the antiviral properties of silver, and the impact of the release of silver ions ability to destroy the protein on the surface of the virus. See more about our technology and the research into the effectiveness of silver here.

Why is PolyCAT so special?

PolyCAT’s patent protected process uses clever polymer chemistry techniques to grow nanoparticles on the surface of the fibre. This means the particles stay in place, and remain active for a lot longer even after multiple wash cycles. The process is done in three steps and uses about a gram of silver compound to make each glove. See more about our technology and the research into the effectiveness of silver here.

Will it protect me from Covid-19?

At the current time the gloves are undergoing stringent ISO testing to confirm this. There is significant evidence about the antiviral properties of silver, this is as far as we know the first time gloves have been created in such a way hence the need for testing. See more about our technology and the research into the effectiveness of silver here.

Are they washable and reusable?

Yes the gloves can be washed at 30 degrees celsius. The gloves should not be tumble dried. For the same reason that the gloves are made from cotton please avoid exposure to naked flames.

How quickly can you deliver them to me?

We dispatch all order the following working day and send via Royal Mail First Class. We aim to have the gloves with you in 3 days after you place an order. See our delivery and shipping information here.

Do you sell in bulk?

We can offer bulk deliveries and there are discounts available for medical organisations, care organisations and those in front line services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Are there any harmful side effects of silver nanoparticles?

Silver and Silver Nanoparticles are non-toxic externally to the human body there are many studies showing the antimicrobial and anti-viral properties. There are many studies into the impact of Silver Nanoparticles and this article is a well balanced view

How do the PolyCat gloves compare with Latex gloves?

Latex gloves merely act as protective barrier against viruses, so if the wearer then touches their face or another surface the virus or bacteria is still transferred. The average person touches their face approx. 50 times per hour. The active silver nanoparticle covering on the gloves should act as active antimicrobial defense when surfaces are touched.

What evidence is there to support the anti viral / microbial properties of silver nanoparticles

There’s a reasonable body of published work showing that silver nano-particles are strongly anti-viral against HCV, HIV, Hep A/B/C, SARS, and HxNx influenzae viruses. Whilst some of the mechanisms of action of silver on non-viral microbes are understood, there’s little understanding as to why it is antiviral. Our best guess at this stage is that the nanoparticles are so strongly oxidising that they destroy the viruses’ outer protein coating, but there’s also the possibility that they physically disrupt the viral capsid (possible as they are similar sizes). A good overview of the current data is “Silver Nanoparticles as Potential Antivirus Agents” that can be read here but this gives little insight as to possible mechanisms of action.

What’s the uniqueness of the PolyCat process

Existing nanoparticle “coating” processes rely on spreading pre-manufactured silver nanoparticles onto a material and hoping for the best. PolyCAT’s process chemically embeds a nucleation site into the fibre surface and then grows a nanoparticle on that site to a defined size – think of this as a molecular screw that drills down into the surface. This particle remains bound in place over repeated washes and stays active for longer.

Have the gloves been tested?

The Gloves are currently undergoing independent laboratory testing to gain ISO certification. We will share the results as soon as we possibly can as we are aware how important this information is.

What size PolyCat Glove do I need?

The gloves are made of cotton and then impregnated. During the production stage there is slight shrinkage and thus we generally recommend a size above your normal glove size. They are a snug fit and lightweight so designed to do everything your hand can normally do. When wearing the gloves will naturally stretch a little.

Do you have childrens gloves?

The short answer is we are working on it. This product have been brought to the market very quickly and we have had to prototype and test the glove sizes that are most in demand and which will protect the highest percentage of the population. We want to help protect the entire family.

Will there be other Polycat protective products?

As soon as the gloves are through testing we will update this section.

Can I return them for a refund?

Our refund policy includes an option to return the gloves within 14 days of purchase, unopened, unused and undamaged. You are responsible for the return shipping costs to us. These gloves are designed for personal protection there is a limited supply. We are a scientific and material research company that has changed our direction to help with Covid-19 we are working as fast as we can but please expect up to 14 days for any refund to be credited to your account as are focused on serving as many key workers as possible. Find our returns policy and details here.