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Active Silver Gloves

Active Silver Gloves
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£ 15.00 GBP
Lightweight & breathable cotton gloves with silver coating to provide a proven active barrier & lasting protection against viruses & infectious agents.

These lightweight breathable cotton gloves are coated with silver using a novel scientific research process developed in Oxford, UK.  The process was developed to produce highly active catalytic fabrics and filter materials to protect frontline responders to hazmat and biohazard incidents and various other applications within the Defence industry.

Polycat has recently been refocused in response to the current global pandemic as we believe a glove impregnated with active antiviral coatings would provide re-usable and effective barrier to the spread of viruses via touch and contacting surfaces. Each pair of gloves has approx. 1 gram of active silver evenly deposited across their surface. Please refer to the Scientific process diagrams for further detail.

Silver is known to be highly antiviral and has proven activity against a range of infectious agents. The gloves have therefore been tested to ISO-18184:2019 in an indepedent laboratory, displaying excellent antiviral activity in all three tests.  

The gloves are best used as a barrier when out and about, touching the many surfaces that others have come into contact with.

These include: -

  • Door handles
  • Lift buttons
  • Shopping trolleys
  • ATM keypads, POS terminals
  • Travelling on public transport

These gloves are fully washable as the silver coating is tightly anchored to the cotton fabric surface. A low temperature wash of 30C is recommended, and avoid tumble drying to limit shrinking.


During the production stage there is slight shrinkage and thus we generally recommend a size above your normal glove size. They are a snug fit and lightweight so designed to do everything your hand can normally do. When wearing the gloves will naturally stretch a little. See the images for measurements.